How to use Watch2Gether?

How to use Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether is a social video website that allows you to watch videos and other content in sync with others. This post explains how to use Watch2Gether and its features.

Watch2Gether is not a streaming service like Twitch where one user broadcasts and the others just watch. Instead, any user in a Watch2Gether room can browse for content and select videos or audio tracks to play for everyone in the room.

The site supports a wide range of content sources such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Soundcloud. For streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime, you can use the W2gSync feature, which can synchronize external sources using our Browser Extension.

Watch2Gether can be used on desktop and mobile devices. If there is a significant difference between desktop and mobile, we will note it in this documentation.


Create a Room
Invite Friends
Select Videos
Room privacy and security
Create an Account
Save your Room
Change your username
Use the Chat
Use Webcams and Screensharing
Moderate your Room
Use Playlists
Keyboard Shortcuts
Your Watch2Gether Account

Create a Room

Watch2Gether can be used with or without a user account. Without a registered account you can create a new Watch2Gether room directly from the Watch2Gether Homepage ( by clicking on Create your room

This will immediately load you into a temporary Watch2Gether room.

Temporary Watch2Gether rooms are automatically deleted after 24 hours. If you want to create permanent rooms, you will need to create a free Watch2Gether account.

If you are already logged in, you can create a new room from your Account Dashboard.

Invite Friends

In a new room, you will be the only user present. Although you can use Watch2Gether by yourself, the fun begins when you invite some friends to watch with you.

Other users are invited to a Watch2Gether room by sending them an invitation link. To access this link:

  • On Desktop, click “Invite” in the sidebar on the left side of the room.
    Invite Desktop

  • On Mobile, click “Invite Friends” on the top right of the user list.
    Invite mobile

In both cases, the Invite Friends dialog will open.

Invite Dialog

The easiest way to invite a friend is to copy the invitation link and share it with your friend in any way you like (messenger, email, social media…) Additionally, the dialog offers some options to share the link on social media or through a QR code.

When your friend(s) have joined the room, they appear in the user bar at the bottom of the room.

Note: Please do not copy the room link directly from the URL bar of your browser. This link is customized and will only work for you.

Limits: You can invite hundreds of users into a Watch2Gether room. However, the webcam feature (see below) will only work for up to 10 users / room.

Select Videos

In a Watch2Gether room, you can select and enjoy videos and music from a variety of supported platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and many others. Additionally, there are some Watch2Gether apps that allow you to load slidedecks or use a synchronized map view.

Search for content

Use the search bar at the top of the page to find music or videos. On mobile, click the search icon on the bottom toolbar.

Watch2Gether has a number of built-in applications that add support for different content platforms. By clicking the Apps icon on the left side of the search bar, you can select a specific platform to search. The icon of the currently selected app/platform is displayed on the left side of the search box (YouTube is selected by default).

Type your keywords in to the search bar to search for content on the related platform. The results of the search are displayed under the video player.

Now you have three options:

1. Play it now: Click the video thumbnail or title.
2. Suggest it in chat: Click Suggest The video will appear in chat and can be added to the playlist or played directly from there. This is useful if you don’t have permission to play a video immediately.
3. Add the video to a playlist: Click Playlist. The video is added to the current playlist.

When you play a video, it starts playing for everyone in the room. The video is shown in-sync, which means that everyone sees the same moment of the video.

If someone clicks the Pause button, the video will pause for everyone. The same is true if someone moves forward or backward (seeks) in the video player: everyone else’s video will jump to the same place and start playing from there.

Direct Link

If you can’t find what you’re looking for by searching, you can simply paste a link to the content you want to view (e.g., `’) into the search bar and hit Enter.

Note: You don’t need to select the associated Watch2Gether application first. When you paste a link, Watch2Gether automatically detects the platform.

The video appears immediately in the search results, and you can play it, suggest it, or add it to a playlist from there.

Room privacy and security

There are no public rooms on Watch2Gether and the links to the rooms are not listed anywhere on the site.

However, anyone who receives a valid link to a room can join that room. Keep this in mind when sharing the room link. By default, all users in a room have the right to select content, interact with the player (play/pause) and playlists, and use the chat. Users may also be able to invite others into the room.

This is due to the nature of the site, which is an interactive group experience where anyone can contribute. While this is appropriate for smaller groups that know and trust each other, you as the room owner may want to take action when using Watch2Gether in a different setting.

By selecting Permissions from the sidebar, you can open the permissions and moderation settings for your room.

On mobile, you can find these settings in the Permissions and Moderation tabs of the General Room Settings dialog.

A Watch2Gether room has 3 different user levels:

  • Owner: The user who created the room.
  • Moderator: The owner can appoint moderators to help them moderate the room.
  • Member: Everyone else in the room.

The only difference between the owner and moderators is that only the owner can appoint moderators. At the top of the Permissions dialog, you can select which features are enabled for a user level. By default, all features are available to all levels.

These features are:

  • Chat: Allows/disallows users to send messages in chat.
  • Webcam: Allows/disallows users to enable their webcam or screenshare.
  • Player: Allows/disallows users to select content for the player and change the player state (play/pause/search).
  • Playlists: Allows/disallows users to interact with playlists.
  • Colors: Allows/disallows users to change the room appearance (colors / background image).

At the bottom of the Permissions dialog is a list of all users in a room. Here the room owner can appoint moderators or ban and remove members.

Create an account

Optionally, you can create a free Watch2Gether account. This has several advantages:

  • As the owner of a room, you can name it and save it to prevent it from being automatically deleted after 24 hours.
  • You will have all the rooms you own or have visited listed on your account dashboard.
  • You can upload a custom image for your avatar.
  • Your username is automatically selected each time you visit a new room.
  • You can optionally upgrade to Watch2Gether PLUS/PRO for even more features.

To create an account, visit: Sign Up

If you don’t receive a confirmation mail, you can request another one here. Don’t forget to check your spam folder!

Saving your room

You must be logged in to save your room. Click here to create a free account.

With a Watch2Gether account, you can name and save rooms to prevent them from being deleted after 24 hours.

  • On Desktop, select “Settings” in the sidebar of your room.
  • On Mobile, select the settings icon at the bottom right of your room.

A dialogue box opens.

Choose a name for your room at the top and press the Save button.

Change your username

The user bar is where you can see who is currently in your room.
If you haven’t logged in, you will be assigned a random username by default.

Screenshot Capture - 2024-07-16 - 17-12-48

You can change the name by simply clicking on it.

Screenshot Capture - 2024-07-16 - 17-13-30

Enter a username and click OK to save it.

Use the Chat

While you are watching the video together, you can talk to your friends using the built-in chat area. You can open the chat area by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of the room. On mobile, select the chat icon in the bottom toolbar.

This will open a pupup chat box where you can send messages and emojis to your friends in the room. The chat also shows when a user arrives or leaves, and when a new song starts playing, a chat message is posted by the user who played it.

You can make the chat window larger by pressing the box icon in the top-right corner. This makes it merge with the Playlist and History area, becoming a tab in this box.

You may use the following commands to format your chat input:

*word* = Bold
_word_ = Italic
~word~ = Strikethrough

Use Webcams

Watch2Gether has built-in support for webcam video, audio. So you can see and hear your friends’ reactions.

Up to 10 users can enable their cams simultaneously. If a room hosts more than 10 users, the webcam feature will automatically be disabled. All other features of the room will continue to work.

To activate your video and audio feeds, use the controls in the sidebar on the left (desktop) or below the user list (mobile).

Media Buttons

When a device is activated, the icon turns green. To disable or change the settings, click the icon again.

If enabled, each user’s video will be displayed in their avatar area.

Use Screen sharing

First, click the apps dropdown to the left of the search bar

Then, choose either Webcam image or Screenshare image from the apps displayed.

Then, users who have their cameras enabled, or who are sharing screens will appear in the search results. From here, you can click on the icon to play them on the player directly, or add them to the playlist - just like with any other video or song.


Use Playlists

Every new Watch2Gether room comes with a default playlist called Watch2Gether Default. You can switch playlists by clicking the drop-down menu in the sidebar on the right side of the room.


OK, nothing to switch to yet - let’s create some more playlists!

Creating playlists

You can add additional playlists by clicking on the Playlists tab in the right-hand sidebar, and then the Settings (gear) icon image under the playlist selector:


The Playlist Manager dialog appears. You can add a new playlist by typing a name for it and clicking New Playlist.

This will add it to the list of playlists:.

You can also rename image and delete image playlists from here, as well as setting them to Autoplay.

When Autoplay is disabled, songs have to be started manually. The playback will stop after currently-playing item finishes, and you need to click the image button under the playlist selector to Play the next entry.

Personal playlists

Personal playlists are a special type that only you can edit (add or remove items). Personal playlists can be linked to any of your Watch2Gether rooms, which means they will appear as one of the available playlist options in the drop-down list.

The ability to create personal playlists is limited to registered users. Tick the “personal Playlist” checkbox when creating a new playlist if you want it to be personal.

Personal playlists appear in the Manage Playlists dialog with your username next to them. Instead of the delete icon image, you have the option to unlink image them from the current room.

Personal playlists can be linked to a different room to the one they were created in. This can be done in the Manage personal playlists section at the bottom of the dialog, by pressing the Load playlist button.

Your personal playlists appear in the box, and you can link image or delete image them from there.

Playlist modes

The current playlist can used in three different modes which can be switched on the left side under the playlist selector.


These modes are (from left to right)

  • Normal: The items in the list are played in the order they appear in the list.
  • Shuffle: The items in the list are played in random order.
  • Voting: The users in the room can vote for list items and the ones with the most votes are played first.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Watch2Gether supports a number of Keyboard Shortcuts for your convenience.
Watch2Gether Keyboard Shortcuts - How to use Watch2Gether - Watch2Gether Community

Your Watch2Gether Account

The core features of Watch2Gether can be used without an account. However, creating a free account has the following benefits:

  • You can save your rooms so that they are not deleted after 24 hours
  • You can pick a custom avatar image
  • You don’t have to select a nickname every time you enter a room
  • You get an overview of all rooms you participate in
  • You can create personal playlists
  • You have the option to upgrade your account to a Watch2Gether +PLUS membership

Go here to create a free account: Sign Up

If you enjoy using Watch2Gether and want to help it grow, consider becoming a +PLUS member for only €3.49/month.

Watch2Gether +PLUS members enjoy unique benefits, including:

  • No advertising in any room you visit!
  • No advertising in any room you create for everyone in the room!
  • Early access to beta versions
  • and more!

Become a Watch2Gether +PLUS member now, and help support the development of the platform!

Need help?

Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question has already been answered.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions or issues using Watch2Gether:

Here in the forum

or by email


Hey! Is there a way I can share my screen onto the watch2gether screen? in sync

Hi @maxiswar right now there is no screenshare option. But we have plans to develop a Watch2Gether App that allows users to do that!


Then what’s the point of having an app that allows you to share your screen into the app IF IT’S JUST FOR YOU?


Hi @pedrodino2010 when you use W2gSync the video plays in separate window for every user in the room. The screen share option allows you to map the video into the room so that its more convenient to watch and chat at the same time. I agree that this is a bit difficult to understand. I’ll update the documentation on this next week.

i created a room and now im no longer the creator/admin
and my profile appears twice in the users section under the video player
please fix

You have probably cleared your cookies or logged out of your account in-between the sessions in the room. Please make sure you are logged in your Watch2Gether account before creating a room to make sure the room is associated to your account.

ok. that does not help. please fix it

Please try to create a new room when you are logged in. Do you see the same problem there? If yes there is most likely an issue with your browser. Please try to disable any 3rd party extension you have installed one by one and see if that makes a difference.

i do not wish to create a new room. i want to be able to use the one i already have with all the videos i have added to the playlists
the bug is from your side, you need to fix it and improve the admin settings
to allow the creator to assign admin permissions to other users

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“We have PLANS to to DEVELOP…” By this I take it this is a long way off?

Please let us stream other websites besides these three otherwise this website would be perfect!!

Thank You!!!

Hi, is it possible to upload private mp3’s to a room to listen to only with the other ppl you invite to the room? there is no public video link for the music i want to listen to with my friends in the room

Thanks for your feedback! This is unfortunately not possible.

Hi - is it possible to record the watched video and chat output of a room for future playback, social sharing and/or broadcast?

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I’d like to know that too!

Hi! No it’s currently not possible to record a Watch2Gether session. But it’s a nice idea :slight_smile:

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