How to use Watch2Gether?

Whoa. that seems… very cool.

Hi! Everything I save a room, the link changes daily. Help?

why can i only watch w2g shorts i verified my email i search what i want to watch and it wont play the video this is really stressful can you help me?

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What happens if you want to play another video? Please try to disable adblockers on your system, sometimes they prevent YouTube videos from playing.

I do not know how to start a new problem/request so, please bear with me if this came in the way of your current discussion. Apologize.

Is there anyway you can reduce the lag time? We are trying to play to the same karaoke but my partner and I don’t seem to be in Sync with the music. I understand that there will be a lag while watching (singing) together from remote locations. Can you do something to minimize the lag, like simulate local playing simultaneously? The excessive lag really comes in the way of having some good entertainment. Thanks for listening.

God this website is really rubbish, nothing seems to work for me.

Thanks for your feedback. Can be a bit more precise? What is not working for you?

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Hi Florian,

I’ve just seen this post so I felt that I needed to reply.

It’s a great website and you’re doing a great job. I’ve had wonderful W2G sessions from day 1 (July 2020).

Thank you

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Thank you Steve for your feedback!

Hi, is there any way to rename and/or delete a saved room? Thanks

As the owner you can delete a saved room by clicking on the “X” symbol in your room list. Renaming is currently not supported.

Trying to play from Vimeo but all I get are the shorts already on watch2gether. I want to connect to Vimeo

For every who has issues please go first: FAQ and Troubleshooting for the “common” issues

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Is there a way to set a picture for an Avatar?

Yes there is! In the top right select “Edit Profile” and then “Change Picture”. Does that help?