Disable suggested videos (+PLUS Member)

I’m using w2g as a teacher to watch videos in my lessons.
Therefore I also ugraded to +PLUS membership.
The ads are now removed.

But my pupils still always get this list of suggested videos displayed
although I had switched off this option.

This feature disturbs my lessons, because of course the pupils click on this suggested videos and dont look at my video anymore…

How can I hide this video suggestions?
see also

Many thanks in advance.
Clemens S.

Hi Clemens, i just double checked it and disabling suggested videos works fine for me. Please keep in mind that although the suggestions are disabled users can still search for videos. If you want to prevent that someone else plays a video in the room you can enable moderation for the player.

Have a look at How to use Watch2Gether?

Does that help?

Hi, Florian,
thank you for your fast response.
I also looked at this behaviour once more.
You are right. At the beginning there is no suggested videos bar.
It appears only when I press the break button.
When I quit this suggested videos bar, then it doesn’t appear any more.
But my pupils also have to quit this bar.
It would be better, if this bar would never appear…

If it is possible, I could send you some screenshots.
Maybe my configurations aren’t correct.
Best wishes

I see, you mean the video suggestions which are displayed in the player itself. These are added by Youtube and unfortunately there is no way to switch them off. I was referring to the suggestion which are displayed under the player.