Install Browser Extension

Many sources can be played directly in Watch2Gether but sometimes you are prompted to install a browser extension. Why is that?

Two reasons:

  • The content to be played in your room is not directly supported by Watch2Gether. (e.g. because the website does not offer a way to embed their content)

  • The content is from a supported website but some videos can not be embedded into other websites (e.g. age restricted videos from Youtube, videos where the uploader has disabled embedding…)

The extension allows you to play this content embedded or in an external window and offers some additional convenience features to access your rooms and content sources.

Install the extension from here:

For Opera: Watch2Gether - Chrome Web Store
For Firefox: Watch2Gether – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)
For Edge: Microsoft Edge Addons
For Chrome: Watch2Gether - Chrome Web Store

You might need to reload your current room after installing the extension.The browser extension is currently not available for mobile devices.

More info on how to use Watch2Gether: How to use Watch2Gether?


May i ask when its going to be ready for chrome? (Im waiting for it)


what happened to the chrome extension as i had it but after reinstalling chrome it is gone and i can’t download, it seems it was only recently removed… will it return soon?


The extension for Chrome is now available again.

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Will there be an extension for Brave browser users?

Is it available for ipads and tablets?


dream has been located :+1:

At the moment the extension is not available for mobile devices. This is a limitation of the current mobile browsers…

Wish it was possible to play movies from Androids…maybe in future🥰