Install Browser Extension

Mobile en kısa sürede gelmesi lazım çünkü ücretsiz bir özellik ve çoğu kişi tarafından sevilerek kullanılıyor

I have no clue why I have not

The first time you have a

Gooood. I love it so so much

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Retards dont even know how to code properly

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Well, thanks for your feedback… What kind of issue did you encounter?


It doesn’t function on mobile

You are right, support for browser extensions is limited on mobile devices. If you are using an Android phone you can install our extension in the Kiwi Browser.

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Even though I accessed it with the extension in Kiwi browser, some YouTube videos are not urgent, can you help me?

Thanks for your feedback! What do you mean with “some YouTube videos are not urgent” ?

Thank you for your answer. For example, I want to watch a TV series on YouTube, but I get the same errors even though I use the extension on Android.