FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently-encountered issues and questions :smiley: If you can’t find a solution here, please post a new issue in the Help or Bugs categories.

When you post an issue, please include basic information about your browser/system (e.g. browser version, OS, location) - the easiest way to do this is to go here, copy the URL it gives you (Your web browser’s unique URL), and include this in your post.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. I did not get a confirmation email.
2. How do I delete my account?

Playing media

1. The video is not playing.
2. How do I play content from sites which are not already built into Watch2Gether?
3. Can I play paid content on W2G?
4. Can I play private or password-protected content on W2G?
5. Can I watch a live Youtube stream on Watch2Gether?
6. Can I change the playback speed or quality?
7. How do I make a video play on repeat?
8. Why won’t age-restricted content play in W2G?


1. What are the limitations of Watch2Gether?
2. Can I use W2G on mobile?
3. Which browsers are supported?


1. How do I save rooms?
2. Where can I see which rooms I have created?
3. Can I ban someone from entering my rooms?
4. How do I stop the default videos from playing when I first enter a room?
5. Problems with webcam or microphone

The Watch2Gether API

1. How can I access the Watch2Gether API?