W2G not working properly for a few weeks

For a few weeks now, me and my friends have experienced some kind of malfunctioning on the page, whenever we try to change a video on our playlist, we just can’t, W2G doesn’t let us, but other people usually can. This happens a lot when is a room that I or a friend created. When I clear the cache of the web, it kind of “fix”, but the problem comes back again after some time.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Two questions:

  • When you say “change a video on a playlist” what do you mean exactly? Adding a video? Or removing a video?

  • You said “other people usually can”, does that mean these people are in the same room with you?



i mean change the video actually playing in the room, to one i have in one of my playlists, and yes, the people that can change it are my friends that are inside the room. Also i could change the video if i used a link to a youtube video on the chat, but still, the playlists looks broken after some time passed.

Thanks for the clarification! So you can’t click on items in a playlist to play them in a room. Are you using the function to rename items in a playlist when this happens? Which browser are you using?

i never changed a name, and i’m using Microsoft Edge.

Today i used W2G on an IPAD, with the Safari explorer, and i had 0 problems with it.