Video keeps rewinding


Lately I have experienced videos keep looping (It keeps playing between 03:47-:03:55 for instance), regardless of stopping and restarting. At the same time I lose control of the play button. Is there anyway that I can fix this issue? I used videos from vimeo and there are 30+ people in the room.

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Hi Arda,

can you post (or send to me in PM) a link to a video where that is happening?


Hello Florian,

Thank you for your answer. Here is the link: Ayna Ilk 15 Dakika on Vimeo

Hope it helps!


Hi Arda, the video plays fine for me. Could it be that some other user in the room plays and pauses the video? Did you try to enable moderation for the player? Have a look at How to use Watch2Gether?

Thank you for your feedback Florian. It could be that someone accidentally did it. Then I will make sure that moderation is set properly and then try again. Thank you very much!

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