Search bar for the playlist

Hey everyone!
I have been using W2G for almost 2 months now, and I currently have a room with MANY songs in them. The problem I sometimes have is that I can’t find a particular song because the list is so big. Is there a way to implement a search bar just for the playlist? This would make searching through the playlist a lot easier!

Thanks in advance for looking into it!

Thanks for your input! This is a nice idea and i actually thought about it altready. Will look into it the next time i work on the playlist system.

You can now search withing a playlist. Check it out :slight_smile:

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It works very smoothly! One little thing, though. In the case of YouTube, is it possible to search for the channel that published the video? The artists of the songs don’t always put their name in the title so searching for the channel attached to it makes it a bit simpler :smile:. Thanks for implementing the search function, though! It’s very appreciated!