Screenshare not working with audio

I can share screen of my Application Window or Browser Tab. When I am trying to share my whole screen without audio it works fine but when I am trying to share it with audio It doesnt work. It automatically turns off without any notification. Anyone has a fix or is it a known bug? I cant find anything on the forum. I’ve tried turning off ad-block and restarting it couple of times.
please help

Thanks for your feedback! Which browser are you using?

My main browser is “brave” but I tested on other browsers, it doesnt seem to work too.

I also am not sending audio with screen share. There is no audio whether I am sharing a window or whole screen. I am using Firefox, have tried on both Windows and Linux boxes.

It should work with Chrome. When you share a Chrome tab you should have an “Audio” checkbox at the bottom of the share dialog. It’s a browser limitation at the moment…