Screenshare not working with audio

In fact if I enter an incognito page no matter the browser it doesn’t even let me turn on my microphone, camera or screen sharing
When I hover the mouse over the buttons I get a stop sign and it doesn’t let me click anything

Did you enable moderation for the webcam system in the room? When you use the incognito window you enter the room as a new user. You can simply create a new room for the the test.

BTW does screen sharing work with audio when you share a browser tab and not the whole screen?

I solved the problem where I could not activate my microphone or my camera, indeed someone had activated some functions for moderators only, but I still enter a completely new room and I still can not share my screen with audio, only allows me to share without it.
And yes, it allows me to share a tab of my browser with audio perfectly.

Thanks for the details… are you using Windows?

yes, I’m using windows 10 and it’s also updated :3
I hope the problem can be solved :frowning:

I’m afraid this is some kind of browser / windows limitation specific to your system. So far i was not able to reproduce the issue but i will have a second look.

hi , im using opera GX (and i try on all the browser too) , i have the same issu, youtube link work perfectly , but when screen share is lauch , no sound wether i check or not , yes i did follow all step on you help page and autorisation. it keep asking me for audio activation i guess , the box just say need autorisation check on your autorisation loker.

“L’appareil n’a pas pu être activé. Veuillez vérifier les autorisations en cliquant sur le symbole de verrouillage à côté de la barre d’adresse.”

“The device could not be activated. Please check permissions by clicking the lock symbol next to the address bar.”

and everything is good on this side

Hi there! What are you trying to screen-share? The entire desktop, a single application or a browser tab?

Hey ! Thought you should know I have the same issue, can’t share my screen on Google Chrome / Windows 10 with audio, except through the browser tabs? Really weird

It never works because whoever built this site just completely forgot to put the functionality to share audio too in the system; which is what makes this service somehow bad; and It does not work even if the “share system audio” is checked
And this should have been fixed a long time ago. Because sharing system audio is a prime requirement while sharing your screen.

Web browsers have some limitations when it comes to screen sharing. Some are able to capture system audio while other are not & it depends on the operation system as well. If you use Chrome you should be able to capture system audio on Windows and MacOS.

Capturing audio from browser tabs should work most of the times. This can sometimes be used as a workaround by playing video or audio files directly in the web browser instead using another video player.

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Thank god it is finally fixed