Playlists not starting audio when tabbed out

The Video does start when you are tabed out… but there is no audio for me. The video itself is playing but the audio does not
i have to tab in to start the audio

Thanks for your feedback. May i ask which browser your are using? I’ll investigate this tomorrow!

The browser
Opera GX
i never ahd that problem before
and thank you alot for responding to me

Same issuewith opera gx for me.
My friend has the same issue on google chrome.
For the both of this started happening today, never before seen

The same is occurring to me. I’m using Chrome but I also tested with Edge and the behavior was the same.

behavior also in both firefox and chromium as well

Same on Chrome. Last night same thing happened in our company on at least one Opera aswell

Thanks a lot for all of your feedback! I’ll investigate this. As a workaround you can run Watch2Gether in a seperate window instead of a background tab.

I tried that
The moment W2G is not in focus it does not work properly anymore
Dont stress yourself about it
U got this

Same problem here. Its not playing when the window is in the background, or when Notebook is locked. you can’t minimize the tab you must have it open in a window if you want the video playing with audio.

Problem is with Chrome, Edge & Firefox on a windows 10 notebook.

Haven’t tried with an android (the app) or iphone yet.

Please resume here: Autoplay in background tab not working