No video can be played

Cannot play anything, a permanent black screen, chats cannot be read either.

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When you have this issue, can you do a right click on the site and select “Inspect” and send me a screenshot of the “Console” output to Thanks!

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There’s nothing in the console, I’ve tried and look

Can you provide some more details on whats not working. Please have a look at the advise here: Videos are not playing - Playback issues

The video player is not working, not matter I click any video from the playlist, select from the recommended video, view my webcam on screen, or play video from another site such as Facebook.

Does it work when you create a new room? Which browser are you using in which version?

Hey uhmm, videos aren’t playing, i thought it was just me because i changed browsers, i thought i didnt have the extension installed, so i installed the extension but it still didnt work. Videos weren’t playing either when my friend tried to play a youtube video. She was using Google Chrome, and i’m using Microsoft Edge.

We’ve also tried making different rooms but it still doesn’t work.

Does it work when you open an ingognito window?

I think i found the issue. Does it work again now?

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@user_95f53b7185f71fb I think it’s working now, I’ll let you know if there are any issues. Thank you for looking into it :’)

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Yep, watch2gether is finally back to its glory again :innocent: