Videos are not playing - Playback issues

Sometimes users on Watch2Gether experience the issue that some or all videos are not playing for them while they are playing fine for other users in the same room. In some cases the player remains black in others an error message can be displayed.

Most of the time these issues are actually not directly related to Watch2Gether. Instead they are caused by an incompatibility between the users system / browser / internet connection and the video platform that hosts the videos in question.

Please try the following to resolve the issue:

  • Disable all browser extensions. Especially adblockers or anti tracking extensions are known for causing these issues.
  • Delete your cookies and clear your browser cache.
  • Try to run Watch2Gether in an incognito window of your browser.
  • Disable all VPN connections on your system.
  • Check whether the issue is caused by any security software installed on your system.
  • Try to restart your internet modem / router.

Hey there,
I am web developer and tried everything you describe in the other posts! Nothing helped ! Either changing systems didnt helped me out so whats wrong here? The issue occurs on 3 different browsers and ic ant imagine your service, a solution where the users are paying, isn’t working suddenly. What are you going to do now? Waiting till everyone has this issue or checking logs! I not amused that you create a post and say hey its okay if you do that. So watch for help or someone else will get your money! I Hope you understand why this shit is a fucking problem . We love this service . Hope you can find the Bug or issue. maybe youtube is the problem at all. we will see.

Best regards

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Hi Jan,

the problem here is that can’t reproduce the error at all. Playback works fine on every single test system i have available. Can you check two things for me:


Sure my console sprays some 403 - forbidden and ends up with the known error, which is reported. I will try your link when im awake.

Same Problem on linked side no ad blocker or something like that is active

Okay… so it’s not really related to Watch2Gether. Usually this means that YouTube has blocked your IP for some resources required for embedded players. I don’t really know why this happens. Are you (or someone with the same IP in your household) using other software that interacts with YouTube such as a video downloader? I guess that could be a reason. Usually this block is automatically lifted after some time.

No i live for my own and in got 3 diffrent network connections even mobile hotspot isnt working.

That is weird indeed. Does it work on the mobile browser on your phone? Are you sure your computer is not using any kind system wide VPN?

yeah for sure ^^ my work vpn is disabled and on my mobile phone same issue

Have you a dns adblocker like pi-hole?