It Keeps scrolling down with prompt on my end

For some odd reason my screen keeps scrolling down to the bottom with out my input. Can someone explain that?

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Hi! Are you using Watch2Gether on a mobile device?

I’m getting the same error. Not mobile device. Laptop, on chrome.

Thanks for reporting this. Can you provide some more details? Does the page scroll down right after you have opened it or after some specific action that you take?

No problem. I’m not really doing anything, I’m just watching Steven Universe with my friend when it keeps randomly scrolling down to the bottom of the page repeatedly for short bursts of time usually lasting a few seconds. Completely refreshing the page seems to improve things for a while, but it happens seemingly more and more as time goes by, sometimes several times a minute. (note, that’s several episodes of repeated instantaneous scrolling, not several incidences of scrolling.)

That sounds strange, i have never experienced that by myself. Which extensions do you have installed in Chrome? Can you try to disable them one by one and check if that makes a difference.

I have Adobe Acrobat, Google Docs, Google Docs Offline, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

Thanks… and which version of chrome are you using on which operating system?

Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) on Win10 64-bit

That sounds all good. To be honest, at the moment i have no idea why this happens. You try and see if the problem also occurs when you use Watch2Gether in an Incongnito Window.

Could it be your mouse? Perhaps your mouse is the issue? I mean it sounds unlikely but hey I figured I’d chip in an idea that could potentially help.

Hi i’m having similar problems where the screen keeps scrolling down, I feel like its something to do with the advert video at the bottom because when I go to scroll up it bounces back down

I was experiencing this as well, until i enabled adblocker. I dont like blocking ads on websites i would like to support but it seems that once i enabled, it would stop scrolling. So im assuming it has something with your ads?

Thanks a lot for the details. I never experienced this myself… so i assume that only specific ads served to some users are causing the problem. I will talk to the ad network operator regarding this. Scrolling the page is definitly too much.

Hello, I’ve actually been experiencing this problem for several months, it only happens with this website. I’ve been fine scrolling back up but just now, it scrolled down the entire video, whenever I tried to scroll back up at all, it jumped back down. Now i’m really tired of this and if you guys do solve it, myself and every other person experiencing this will be very grateful! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your input. Im on this and try to figure out what happens. Can you give me some more details on when the “scroll down” happens exactly. When you load the page or randomly after some time? Could it be related to some other events on the site (loading a new video, sending to receiving a chat message)? Do you have an adblocker installed?
Every details helps to reproduce and fix the issue.

If possible it would be great to get a screenshot of the site when this issue appears in a scrolled down state. You can post it here in the forum or send it by email to Thank you!

I believe its exactly what was stated early. The ad below the playlists will flash and change, until its done and settled on what it wants to display or play, it won’t allow you to scroll up and you have to pause the video or watch it in a shrunken size. The ad is always changing into something new and unless its done loading you cant scroll back up. I just tried using adblock since I read it helped some on this forum and it actually does work, but i’m not a stranger to ads and would like to not have to use it to watch the video peacefully. :confused:

I’ll also add while the ad is basically controlling your scrollbar, it won’t allow you to do anything about it and kind of ignores your attempts to go back up, really annoying. :thumbsdown:

Thanks for the info that is really helpful. Would it be possible for you to take a screenshot where the ad in question is visible the next time when this happens? It would help to identify the ad that causes the problem.