Is there a limit on the number of people in a room?

I run a fairly popular blog and I would like to be able to stream some blog-related content with my followers - I’m not sure how many would want to watch, but I was wondering, is there a cap on how many users can be in a room at once? Thanks!

There is no hard limit for the number of users in a room. Do you have an idea of how many users you expect?

It might be upwards of about 200 people - my followers seem to really like the idea

At this point i haven’t received any first hand feedback for groups with this size. I would recommend to start of with a smaller group (30 - 50 users) and give it a try. Im happy to hear your feedback and help if you encounter any problems.

I would like to know what is the experience in handling large audiences? there is any update about it?

Hi, what would be the use case you have in mind?

Hello Watch2gether we are a school from Denmark and we are want to make a superbowl pregame-social where we mainly use zoom, but occasionally we want to watch a video together.
We expect a group og 400-600 students. Do you have any data on sessions like that?

Hi Henrik, there is not hard limit. Watch2Gether was initially designed for smaller groups but things have been optimized for larger groups as well. However, i would say that 400 is scratching at the upper border of whats possible. It could be that the browser becomes slow and unresponsive. More optimizations are on the way but probably not for the superbowl :slight_smile: Mabye you can break it up in 3-4 rooms?

May we please raise the 10 people camera limit?

This is a technical limit due to the network topology used for the cam system. Just raising the number would not make it work. There might be different setup in the future but for now the limit has to stay in place.