General functionality


Please add more functionality to the rooms and to the playlists. It should be possible to…

… rename an already-saved room
… change playlist type, personal and non-personal
… copy a playlist to another room
… duplicate a playlist inside a room
… right for member/mod to EDIT playlists, add/rem songs

… use room-link to load it in another room

… sort the songs on a playlist, by name up down, randomized

This is so much of basic stuff to handle the playlists and I have seen peoples asking a lot for it. Is it so hard to implement ?

Thanks a lot for your feedback. You might wanna checkout the personal playlist feature it provides some of the features you requested. How to use Watch2Gether?

What are you using Watch2Gether for?

Sorry man… I cannot see any of my 7 requests already be implemented.

I am using W2G to listen to music with friends… to save and share my playlists… so that my friends can add/remove songs… and so on.

Also we are using W2G sometimes to watch movies or other videos together.