Discord bot to generate a room link with selected video?

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Long time user, first account.

I’m writing because I’m curious about the capabilities of watch2gether. Is it in theory possible to create a discord bot that would be able to take a youtube link, and then create a temporary room with said youtube link? Are there any tools available in the API that permit this?

Hi, yes in theory this would be possible. Its not documented yet but quite easy to do. Do you have experiences writing discord bots?

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I have experience by way of I’ve just started to write one using discord-rs. First time making one, and I’m fairly new to programming in general, but I’ve made good progress thus far.

Do you have any recommendations for me on how to go about accomplish this/any info that might be helpful?

I appreciate any help you can offer me!

PS: Sorry for the late response, the notification got buried in my spam mail! Had to go check manually to see if anyone had replied.

Thanks for getting back to me. I can provide you some more info on the API when i get back from vacation in about a week from now!

Alright, thanks for the help! I appreciate it.

Have a great vacation :slight_smile:

Hey there, just wanted to check in and see if there was any update!


Sorry for the delay. I get back to you tomorrow!

I just sent you a PM!

Any chance I could also get access to this? I’d love to make a discord bot for my friends and I to use in our discord server

Hi there, i sent you a PM.

Hi guys, I’m interested in this type of bot for my Discord server as well. How do I access the API?

Hey, I would also like to implement this feature, would you also be so kind to send me some information?


i just sent you a PM.

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Could i get that too?

@mirko2003 i sent you a PM.

Hey florian,
any chance I could get this PM too? I’d love to implement this on our server.

I just sent you a PM!

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hey there i would love to have that pm as well thank you… everyone would love it if i had that on my discord server… ty

@florian could you simply make a page with the API info maybe on here or someplace else? That’d be better than having people request PMs

Also, the link counter feature would look really neat when one refers back to here and sees how popular the API doc is :stuck_out_tongue:

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“Someone” made a Discord for the site and it is disgusting mess. Why is access to this not public?