Discord bot to generate a room link with selected video?

@theminer70tf2 i set you a PM

@adil3.7896 Once the API has been finalized there will be a page for it :slight_smile:

@domlarirte Are you talking about a Discord server or the API access?

Another discord bot dev here looking to add support for generating rooms. I saw where another bot used the nightmare library to literally just click the button and grab the URL that’s generated, but that’s sloppy. Could I get in on this?

I just sent you a PM!

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hey do you want to send me the bot as well? :smiley:

The membership in the support forum does not say much about the time spent on Watch2Gether itself :slight_smile: The information is not public since they include individual API keys for every developer.


I recently started contributing to an opensource discord bot and we would very much like to make some integration with watch2gether. Any additional documentation or API key to share?

@maxime.pardoen i just sent you a PM!

Olá @user_95f53b7185f71fb Poderia enviar para mim a API ou um beta do bot também? sou brasileiro, espero que possa entender minha mensagem!!

Could you send me a bot API or beta too? I am Brazilian, I hope you can understand my message !!

Thanks for your request. I just sent you a PM!

Hi! i’m new here, idon’t know anything about programming but i’m really interested in adding this bot to my server, can you help me?
(also, why isn’t this bot on the main site for discord bots?)

Hello, same situation here! really interested in this ! Onikyu#0001 , would be kind to add me !

wait is there a intergration of watch2gether into a discord server ?? id love to get the api <3 @user_95f53b7185f71fb

I’m interested in using Watch2gether with DiscordBot. I want PM.
sorry bad english x(

Can i get the api too ? I’m creating a bot

I would like that to please. Also thank you for making this amezing bot. I think its going to be great for in my server! :smiley:

Any chance that I can also get the API information, please? I’m in the same boat as the discord bot developers!


I have to throw my hat in here as well, it would be great to tie this to discord.

Hey @user_95f53b7185f71fb! May I have the information needed for implementing this bot, please?

Could I get the information as well please! Thank you! :slight_smile:

May I as well get the information? It would be a big help to me and my friends.