Configure Chat and Userlist


Show / not show

Show / Not show
Transparent background

And/or Shortkey to toggle functionality

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Hi & thanks for your input. There are shortcuts for this. Check this out:

Watch2Gether Keyboard Shortcuts

I just read these

  • [Spacebar] : Toggle Play/Pause
  • k : Toggle Play/Pause
  • [Arrow Right] : Skip 10 seconds ahead
  • [Arrow Left] : Skip 10 seconds back
  • f : Switch to Fullscreen
  • n : Play next item in playlist
  • c : Toggle detached chat popup
  • u : Toggle user bar
  • s : Focus search input
  • t : Toggle sidebar
  • [Escape] : Scroll to top & unfocus all input fields

But none is about to hide the user list, and chat.
Best if the moderator is whom can configure to appear (or not appear) the chat and userlist sections.
Also I did suggest to make transparent the background of the userlist, to be able to see the wallpaper.

When I wrote the word “toggle” it was that I can activate (or not) the new functionalities of hiding or not the chat and the list of users with the new hotkeys.