Auto-Loop Videos by default

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I’m using watch2gether as a DM in my DnD games to build some ambience music. Is there any way to set the videos to loop theyselves by default instead of going to the next video? Right now I’m using the loop option everytime I select a new video, but I sometimes forget to do it and the video goes to the next one destroying the ambience. Is there anything to make that loop itself option by default? Or I have to set the loop everytime?

Thank you very much! <3

To expand on this, I think instead of a “loop” feature built into the video, this makes more sense as a playlist control like how shuffle works today.

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Yes, you are right, at the moment you have to reenable loop for every single video. @user_38b2c9583c4c21e you mean “enable loop for all videos of a playlist”?

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Ok thanks! Then I think that what you guys say would make sense. An option to enable loop for all the videos would be awesome! Thank you very much for your time and responses <3

Looping the entire playlist is different from looping the current video. Both should be possible, usually by having a three-state toggle: play normally, loop all, loop one.

Thanks for your input. That’s indeed an option to think about!