All features not working after a few minutes

W2G used to work just fine about two weeks ago, but recently it has been glitching a lot. When I join a room, all the features work, but within a few minutes it all cuts out. Screen shares, youtube videos, audio, and cameras either freeze or just don’t show up at all. Additionally, chat messages being sent stop appearing once it starts glitching, so I end up missing a lot of the conversation. My friends that I am in the W2G room with say it looks like I left the room each time this happens. It can be fixed by reloading the page, but it starts glitching again after just a few minutes, to the point where I have to be reloading every ten minutes.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. How stable and fast is your internect connection? Are you using some kind of VPN software on your system?

we are facing the same problem. when we are all in the group the mic, webcam all get disabled after a few minutes and it doesnt work. we even have the Plus version so not sure what the issue is

Thanks for your feedback. What does “disabled” actually mean? Is the rest of the room still working?

it becomes grey and not able to click it to speak. Am the moderator and no one is able to hear me

Do you have more than 10 users online in your room? The cam system gets disabled when there are more than 10 online users in a room. This is the current limitation of the system. Please have a look at: How to use Watch2Gether?

yes we have more than 10 users. but a few weeks back we had no problem using more than 10

This hasn’t really changed in that last time. It’ about users online, not total users. The room itself should work with way more that 10 users, it’s just the cam system which is limited.

so we bought the app but it still didnt help us. so what is the use of plus?

Are you referring to the 10 users cam limit as well?

I have very stable internet and no VPN system. Also, we are usually only 2 to 3 people in the room.

Hi pali, yes i think we are talking about two different bugs here. It’s not related to the number of users in your case. I made some changes today, maybe you can check if it’s different now. Which browser are you using BTW?

Alright, thanks, I’ll test it out today and let you know. I’m using chrome with the w2g extension.

Okay, if you have the chance try to run Watch2Gether in an incognito tab and check if that makes a difference!

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I tried it today in both my normal browser and incognito mode, but it is still glitching often.

When it glitches, can you make a right click on the page and select “Inspect” and take a screenshot of the “Console” tab of the dialog that opens up & mail it to

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no their cams and audio were off. but despite buying the app, it didn’t help. we were more than 10 but without video and audio