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Facebook Videos arent working anymore :confused:

Thanks a lot for your report. Facebook videos are now working again! (Note: It would be great if you could create a new topic when you want to report a bug instead of replying to this one. This way your report is better accessible for all users)

Hi there, can you describe your issue a little bit more in detail?

eu consegui arrumar obrigado

My Twitch Stream on W2G has no Sound pls fix it

@khaled_98 which browser are you using on what kind of device?

i can’t watch a movie with the extension with my friends movi just keeps going and can’t be paused, i click paus and it just plays right away

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Tiktok Videos are not playing. After tiktok video loads at the bottom after pasting the link, when you click the video to play, it doesnt play instead the video screen shows only the video captions on a white background. Youtube videos are playing properly. This is happening only for tiktok videos. Not sure if its because tiktok videos are smaller in length but the website does give the option to load tiktok videos so it should play then! If you solve this problem, i will not have to search for any other website so please if you can fix this, will be great!


Thanks for your feedback. I just tried some videos and it worked fine. Which browser / version are you using, Do you have our browser extension installed? https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/watch2gether/cimpffimgeipdhnhjohpbehjkcdpjolg

Hi there,

Thanks for the prompt response - I am using google-chrome version 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit). Yes i had installed the w2g extension but the Tiktok video still would not play and kept showing the same thing - video captions over white background. Let me know if there’s a way to send you a screenshot of what i am seeing. If that’s going to help you fix this.

UPDATE: Okay, looks like this may be indeed a browser issue. I tried playing this in “Microsoft edge” browser and its working in that browser.


It won’t allow me to put edits in the playlist