Direct Link not Working

The direct link doesn’t work. Nothing is playing.

i just checked it and it works fine for me. Can you try to clear your cache & cookies and try again. What kind of direct link are you trying to play?

We watched dozens of “videos” like that, but in last few days It suddenly stopped working and it’s not only on my side.

Thanks i think i found the issue. Will work on a fix now.

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Okay, please reload the site and check if it works for you now!

Now It works fine, but the new player doesn’t have a fullscreen button

Thanks! We are migrating to the new player step by step. It’s not complete yet and i’ll add full screen early next week. Please let me know if you find any other bugs. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Fullscreen is now available in the new player!

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Fullscreen now works, but can be turned off only with ESC and ribbon doesn’t hide when fullscreen is on