Youtube's autoplay overriding playlist

youtube’s reccomendations autoplay (ugh) seems to be overriding w2g playlist behavior

this seems to either lead it into a glitchy state (keeps trying to autoplay from youtube, but failing to), playing youtube’s content (ughhh), or just outright break the player into not playing anything
in any case it is overriding w2g’s playlists

my thoughts are that it’s something obnoxious youtube broke in their end (like adding autoplay to video embed or something evil like that)

Thanks for your feedback! You are right, it seems like Youtube’s recommendations now autoplay after a little while. But as far as i can see the “end” event is still triggered and content from a Watch2Gether playlist is loaded (if there is any unplayed content). Do you consistently see this behaviour now?

There is now a fix out which should stop autoplay of recommended video. Please give it a try!

It seems fortunately fixed now, yes. Thank you very much.