YouTube video skipping ALL OVER THE PLACE, during Playback PS. Video plays perfectly on YouTube!

Video Skipping without Either Party (2) Touching the Screen or any buttons like there is a “GHOST IN THE MACHINE”!!!

Hi! Is this just one specific Youtube video or all videos that you try to play? How many active users are in your room?

Just the 2 of us!!
So far , Just 1 that I know of but, Come to think of it,I think it has been at least
3 or more.
Without I’ding the other ones.
They are just
Standard MP4 Videos I uploaded to YouTube.
If it Plays perfectly
On YouTube,
It Should play
Perfectly here also right?
One other bug I failed to mention,
Either I or my Friend would find the other
Offline but it would not let the other person know They were offline and wouldn’t give them the option to stop video until both participating parties were back on together at the Same time,Then Resume the Video Playback.
Need for W2gethr to stop Automatically when
Either party is officially Offline!!!

Yes if it plays on Youtube it should play on Watch2Gether. When you create a new room, do you have the same problem there?