Youtube video search result limited?

I’m a new Watch2Gether user, yesterday me and some friends had some fun with each of us picking Youtube videos, singing along etc…

But… not all Youtube videos that we searched for were shown in the search result. This seems strange, because when we checked directly on Youtube, the videos were there. (for example: we searched for a live song by R.E.M., searching in Watch2Gether gave 2 results, searching on Youtube directly gave 6 results.
Also, copying and pasting a direct link did not work.
And in a few cases we got a warning message on screen, and after that a new window opened where the video started.

Is this common behavior for Watch2Gether? And are there maybe Youtube restrictions of any kind which gave the limited results on some music video searches on Watch2Gether?

If anyone can help, it would be appreciated! Thanks

Thanks for your feedback. Yes you are right, the search results differ from the ones on YouTube. If you can’t find a video through the build-in search you can simply paste a direct link to a video into the search bar on Watch2Gether!