Youtube video not showing

When I put in the link for a single video from youtube it says no item found this is the link I was using

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Thanks a lot for letting me know. There was a problem with the Youtube access, which has been resolved. Everything should be working normally again.

im having the same problem this video will not load

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Hi! This video is working fine for me. Do you still experience this issue?

Hi, I seem to have a similar problem. When I use the search bar, the video list gets stuck loading, be it direkt link or video title.
I am using firefox 61.0.1 (64-Bit)

Do you still see this issue? I just did a check and everything seems to work fine? Do you see any search results at all?

Yes, i still have the issue. I’ll provide a screenshot. All i see is this loading, video works fine if someone else puts it in, but i can’t choose any because the loading animation goes on infinitly.

Thanks for the input. Do you have any extensions installed in your browser? Can you try to disable them one by one and see if that changes anything?

If that doesn’t help, please make a right click on the page and select “Inspect” and send a screenshot of the “Console” output. Thanks!

Ok, I found out that, not just disabling, but removing uMatrix, wich I use for security purpose, does let the videos load. However, since I can’t keep it removed I discovered that I can use the Watch2Gether plugin to share a video directly from youtube into my room. I’ll use that as a solution for now.

Thanks a lot for that feedback. Watch2Gether needs to talk to external services (such as YouTube) in order to search for videos. I could be that some rule in uMatrix is accidentally triggered by this. I check out that extensions, maybe i can do something to resolve that incompatibility.

This is still failing for uMatrix.

The Console logs for the page are as follows:

Using the same ruleset for uMatrix as I do in Chrome. It functions in Chrome, but not Firefox.

Is this a default ruleset or did you customise it somehow?

Customized it to allow for youtube content.

Sorry, the info keeps triggering the “you can only post 2 links as a new user” rule here.

Thanks… That seems to cover most request. I’m not in expert with uMatrix but when I find some time I’ll have a look why it’s not working in Firefox.

So after a bit of help and my mistaking it as an issue in uMatrix itself, the issue was resolved:

TL;DR: Disable referrer-spoof for watch2together

Thanks for the update!

none of these videos are showing up to play

Most likely this issue Error Loading Youtube Videos

I also have issues… when im watching with my friends i see the following

An error has occurred. Try again later. (Playback ID: B1l9_PSzB6iV6lFx)
More information

Can i get help?