Youtube paid content sharing allowed?

hey! i bought a movie on my youtube account that i want to show my friends on here. is it possible for me to do so without them having bought it on their account as well? or does everyone need to have bought the movie in order for us to watch together in sync?

Hi & thanks for your feedback! On Watch2Gether each users has an individual connection to the video platform you are watching content from. Therefore each user has to be logged in individually as well. Beside this, i’m not sure if Youtube allows embedding purchased content at all. Do you see a video on Watch2Gether when you paste a link to a video you bought into the search bar?

When I get to the movie it does give me the option to watch it! Though I suppose that’s because of the browser connection to my Youtube account. But considering your answer then I don’t think that’ll be enough for my friends to see the movie as well, without being logged on as well.

Thanks for that feedback! I try to run some tests with paid content.

You’re asking if piracy is allowed.
Short answer is no.

Yes, just to clarify that, on Watch2Gether every user need his/her own authorization that watch content.

I would really like to know an answer to this. I mean, sharing a video with a friend and watching it simultaneously is not piracy. How is it different than inviting a few friends to your house and watching it. My girlfriend is a thousand miles away, I miss her and we like watching movies together. I could easily pirate a movie and send it to her. But I purchased it from youtube and wanted to use watch2gether to see it. I don’t think It was possible though :frowning:

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Thanks for your feedback. You can watch purchased content on Watch2Gether but everyone watching has so purchase the movie individually. I’m sorry but those are Youtube’s rules…

Hey I’m fine with that, however. When I try to create the room, the preview only plays, and I’m forced to click and redirect to youtube’s actual site.

Could you help me correctly set that up? I had rented the movie psycho.

Are you logged into your Youtube account with your browser when using Watch2Gether?

Okay very interesting – it works on Chrome, not Safari. I rented a movie, purchased a movie, and tried a movie that was in Youtube’s free category.

In Safari only the Free one worked for example:
Rain Man: /watch?v=jlAX_j04Lp0

In Chrome all three worked
Rain Man (free): /watch?v=jlAX_j04Lp0
Pyscho (rented):
Inside Job (purchased):

I was running Safari 12.1.2 (14607.3.9)
And Chrome 78.0.3904.108

Hey if you guys need help with engineering, let me know I’m happy to contribute.

Thanks a lot for trying this out! I assume it’s related to Safari’s 3rd party cookie blocking.

when you say “it worked” do you mean others could watch it or just you?

Well just me, because safari wasn’t even doing that. I haven’t tried with others yet