Youtube history not updating after watching a vid in w2g

It only started happening recently, but my youtube history does not pick up anything being watched in w2g. Meaning, those videos will keep popping up in my recommendations over and over even though it has already been watched in w2g. This was not the case about 2 weeks ago (or so). Any idea why this is happening right now? And if possible, is there a way to revert it back to how it used to be?

Thanks for reading.

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You mean the history on YouTube itself? Which browser are you using? It could be that 3rd party cookies are blocked by your browser so that YT can not recognize you when watching videos which are embedded on other sites.

You mean the history on YouTube itself? Which browser are you using?

Yes. I am using Google Chrome. Do you mean w2g cookies? Any idea how to check/fix this? That would be very much appreciated.

EDIT: I just checked my browser settings and it shows that I already have cookies enabled. I searched for w2g cookies and found that the last time the cookies were updated was on July 28th, which is more than a month. To be honest, I don’t know if the problem started since then or not, but I only started noticing it recently.

Well, now it just gives up and cannot control the video, shows me a thumbnail without running. If someone else puts a new video, it doesn’t show me. I tried clearing cookies that were set due to w2g launch, and it only worked for once then proceeded to go back to not responding. The video itself can be launched, but it’s independent of other viewers, and I can’t adjust the time or anything. I’ve been digging around the forums for any idea and have tried some of the solutions to no avail.

All I did since the previous problem was clearing the cache/cookies of the past 24 hours, and the cache/cookies of both youtube and w2g. Keep in mind, the issue only happens when I am logged into youtube. When I log out, it works normally which made me think it’s maybe something related to my youtube account. Have tried installing a new browser and log into youtube, which didn’t work.

Thanks for your feedback. In general it should be no problem to be logged into your Youtube account while watching on Watch2Gether. I just double checked it and it works fine. Two things:

  • These kind of errors can be caused by other browser extensions. Can you try to disable your extensions one by one and check if that makes a difference.

  • To further debug this it would help to get the output of you browser console. Right click on the page when it’s not working > Select “Inspect” > Choose the “Console” tab and email me a screenshot to

I tried the extension method and it did not do anything. The only way I get it to work is through incognito or when I log out of youtube. I’ll be sending you a screenshot. Thanks a lot for your follow-up!