Why is this website not world famouse like YouTube by now?

This is simply a better YouTube. Facts. You can watch with people on the internet together and even movies and on top of that comminicate via video chat and mic on top of that all the neat side feautures, the nice looking website (header logo and all, which was probably pain in ass to make this website). Definitly my number one website on the internet (besides google ofc hehe). I hope you become 100x more famouse than you are right now becuase you all deserv that and millions of donations from supportive pepople!!! Well we need to start somewhere, how can i donate more than plus to you? Any PayPal?

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Thank you very much for your nice feedback! I don’t understand either why we haven’t overtaken Youtube yet :wink: Please spread the word! Further feedback to make the site better is very much appreciated!

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Btw, nice neat update again :D, the youtube title! Keep on improving.

I totally agree.

Nice job on the site!

Thank you :slight_smile: