Why do I have ads?

I apologize in advance, knowledge of the language is zero, I am writing with a translator.

I purchased a PLUS subscription, but I still play ads when the page is launched.

Previously, I had Adblock enabled, but according to the site’s recommendation, I disabled it when there were problems with video playback. After that, I started seeing ads. It is important for me that neither I nor the users I invite have advertisements. Is the subscription unsuitable for advertising? This makes it useless to me.

I am using Yandex.Browser if it matters.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We are currently migrating to a new player and you are right there was indeed an issue with video ads being shown when they shouldn’t. I’m about to roll out a fix which should resolve this.

Oh, if it’s a problem, I’ll bear with it. Thanks for the answer.

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