Why can't i keep my rooms or save my playlists?

I’m new to this site and I guess I don’t really know what I’m doing, but why can’t I save my rooms forever or playlists? I noticed that last night the room me and my bf had been using to watch vids together was gone. I also spent a lot of time creating a playlist inside that room just to have the entire playlist trashed.
My question is, what can I do to stop this from happening again?

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Thanks for getting in touch. When you have a Watch2Gether account (which you seem to have) you can save rooms that you have created by clicking on the room settings menu (in the room top right). At the top of the dialog you find a field to enter a name for your room and a “save” button. Does that help?


thank you so much! I’ve created my first permanent room and I can’t wait to use it later today

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In the video, above you will see the gear symbol. Click it, give the room a name and click save. Good evening.

Once i have created a permanent room and saved my playlist how long will it stay?
I intend to use this with my friends in nect 10 to 12 daya

As long as you like. But please keep in mind that as long you not enable moderation for the playlists every member of the room can manipulate and delete playlists.

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Thank you for swift reply :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the app since April. I scheduled an event for tonight, the first in a few months. I logged into the room I’ve used all along and to which I invited the group. After a few minutes, something happened and now the room appears to have been deleted. I can’t get it back as watch2gether allows me to log in but has no rooms or playlists. Any suggestions for what might have happened? This is very frustrating.

Was this a saved room or a temporary room? If you like you can send me the link to the room in question as PM and I have a look. Can you describe “something happend” a bit more in detail? Any error messages?

https://w2g.tv/7ji7kpim3vtp7adb5d is the room. Error message when I try to go to the room: “This watch2gether room does not exist.” Thank you for any help!

BTW it was a long-saved room with a bunch of playlists

Did this happen while you were using the room? Are you 100% sure you did not accidentally deleted the room? Does someone else have access to your account?

I’m not aware of any issues were a saved room is removed from the system by accident. Temporary rooms are deleted after about 36 hours but if they are saved they exist as long as the owners account.

Yikes. It was a permanent room. I can’t say it’s impossible that I deleted by accident because I don’t know how that would happen. That would have really been some accident. System tells me I’m in “basic” now for whatever that’s worth and seems to allow creation only of a temporary room. If it was deleted is there any way to restore it?

Where does the system tell you that you are basic? And what happens if you try to save a room?

It says it saved my new room

What steps would I have to have taken to delete the prior room?

After login you see a list of your rooms. There is a X icon next to each room. Clicking on it deletes the room.

I don’t believe I did that. At a certain point, I may have tried to delete users, not rooms. Clearly, I didn’t delete myself as a user because I’m still listed. Thoughts?

When was that room in question created? I will check tomorrow if I can find any traces of it.

Oh great! I believe it was April 2020. Might have been March. Thanks so much!