When will embed option we available again?

My music ensemble has enjoyed using Watch2Gether for sharing video releases with our audience as an alternative to YouTube Premiere. About a month ago we started preparing to have an online concert on our new website with Watch2Gether’s embed option. Now the concert is a week away and we realize the feature has been removed recently. Why did this happen and when will it be coming back? Unfortunately we are now scrambling to find Watch2Gether alternatives with embed options.

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Same here. I would love the embed option and would pay a modest amount, since I’m poor, about 10 dollars a month so I could use it. But I would be willing to pay.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. The option will come back but it will require some work to embed rooms in a secure way.


Were you able to find an alternative?

We ended up just doing a standard YouTube embed for a video we set as a YouTube Premiere. That way we were able to get the live-stream aspect of it, but we had to omit the live chat feature.