When using W2gSync, video opens in a separate window to chat

This makes it inconvenient to watch the video and chat at once because either you have to balance the 2 windows or click out of the movie altogether to use the chat, which almost defeats the purpose of having a synchronised video player and chat in one. It would be nice to have the video almost in fullscreen but smaller to allow for a chat sidebar. The message ‘Important!
This website is in no way associated with Watch2Gether. Please decide for yourself whether you would like to open it.’ still appears where the regular video would be if you were watching on Youtube. Another alternative wold be to have the video displayed here and the warning message below. This would make the site a better and true alternative to rabb.it but at the moment, it doesn’t function as both a chat and media player at once for all video sites like rabb.it does.

Thanks a lot for your input! Watch2Gether supports many of the big video platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, …) directly in it’s player. Smaller sites or those who do not have an API are supported through W2gSync which you just described. To work around the “two window” issue, i see two options:

  1. You can make the chat window so small that you can fit the two windows next to each other. (The site is responsive and will fit well in smaller windows)

  2. You could use one of these methods to make the video window stay on top of all other windows: https://www.howtogeek.com/196958/the-3-best-ways-to-make-a-window-always-on-top-on-windows/

I hope this helps a bit and thanks once more for your feedback!