When next video loads causing ping jumps

This never happened before except last days after the youtube overlay update to be exact. So when I leave the playlist on autoplay and it changes to the next video I get approx 200-300 ms. This never happened before and I use this platform for years. Help appreciated

Hi… so you mean the ping of you internet connection drops when the next video loads?

yes goes up to approx 200-300 ms and then goes back to normal

Does that happen as well when you select a video by clicking on one of the search results?

Yeah it does, curious because if I listen directly on youtube it doesnt effect my ping at all

I just watched my ping when a new video loads and i can not see a big change there. When a new videos is loaded by the player a larger chunk of data needs to be loaded to fill the buffer. Depending on your internet connection this can affect your ping. This should however be the case with any video site. Does it make a difference when you try to run Watch2Gether in a different browser?