Welcome to the Watch2Gether Community!

Need help using Watch2Gether? You found a bug or have an idea to improve the site? Let your voice be heard in the Watch2Gether Community.

The Community is the place where Watch2Gether users meet and discuss. We are open for ideas how this place should be used in the future. Please reply to this post if you have any idea or feedback to share.

So far the Community has the following categories:

  • Help - When you have any question on how to use Watch2Gether
  • Ideas - Post ideas or suggestions for Watch2Gether here
  • Bugs - Report any bugs in this category
  • Translations - Report any issues regarding the Watch2Gether translations
  • My Watch2Gether Story - How do you use Watch2Gether? Share it here.

Please respect the Guidlines when using the Community.

The posts from the former Watch2Gether Forum have been migrated into the Community. They have been assinged to the original user, however the time and date of the posting might not be accurate. New posts will not have this issue.

Enjoy the Community!