Webcam isn't working

I can see myself clearly on the webcam, but I can’t see nor hear my friend on her end. The same happens on her end, she can’t see me but she can see and hear herself. She’s connected to the internet via ethernet and I’m wireless. We’ve tried refreshing multiple times, this hasn’t happened to us before and now it’s been going on for a whole day.

Hi! Do i understand you correctly that the Webcam In Watch2Gether worked for you before? The webcam code hasn’t changed in the last time, so i assume that there must be some other reason why it’s not working. Did both of you use the same internet connection as before? Did both of you try to clear history and cache of your browsers?

Yeah we’ve been using this service for several weeks, sometimes we’d get cut off but we’d just refresh and be connected again. We haven’t been able to use or webcams for two night now. We’ve cleared our history and cache, and nothing has changed in how we use our respective internets. We’ve noticed that sometimes we’ll see one another for a split second or two, the webcam screens will freeze and then nothing appears anymore.

Ok, thank you. Can you tell me which browser you are using and which browser your friend is using?

OK, Chrome should be fine. Watch2Gether uses a direct connection between the browsers to transfer the webcam video data. There are certain network conditions where this is not working. However, it is weird that it worked for your before and is now broken. For further debugging, could the both of you go to and run the test? Does it report any problems?

Ok, thanks for the update. I’m glad it works again…!