Webcam image cut off in w2g (4:3?)

Hello, I would like to stream my webcam image via watch2gether. The webcam image consists of a scenery from OBS sources. But I have the problem that the picture transmitted to watch2gether is cut off on the left and right (as if it were 4: 3). Is there a setting in watch2gether to solve my problem? In OBS video settings, resolution is set to 1920 x 1080.

Incidentally, I also have the problem without OBS when I transmit my native webcam image to w2g.

See attachment

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Right now there are some video constraints in place that request a 4:3 video from the browser since this is what’s needed to fill the little avatar videos in the user bar at the bottom. But i agree that it would make sense to make this configurable especially if you want to play your video on the main screen. The screenshare option does not have this contraint, but i don’t know if this helps in your case?

Thanks for your reply. But my Video comes from OBS not from bowser?

Yes, but the browser will do the reformatting after receiving the video from OBS.