Webcam doesn't show up in the adress bar and cannot be chosen because it is greyed out in the webcam settings

if i join a room, the webcams are reduced to real devices such as the webcam and the app for using my phone as a cam.
neither my obs virtual cam nor the virtual cam from vseeface shows up in the adress bar to allow access to.
after allowing one of the two cams i cannot change the cam next to the cam symbol because all 4 options are greyed out and do not respond at clicking on them.
i tried disabling the adblocker, signing in with w2g account , clearing cache and so forth.

in omegle, the same browser (firefox) lets me choose the virtual cam and works just fine.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Can you select the devices on this test page: Select audio and video sources

yes i can. it works on that page you sent me.

is it a setting i have to adjust?

Okay thanks… Do i understand you correctly that your virtual cams are appearing in the list next to the cam symbol but they are greyed out? Or they don’t appear at all?

they appear there but they cannot be chosen.
sometimes they are black underlined but the permission in the adress bar opens and they don’t appear there and therefore cannot be chosen.
if i chose an unused camera, the adress bar is satisfied but i cannot change to other cams as described.
if i chose the camera used by obs or vseeface, an error message appears and i cannot choose any camera next to the camera symbol.

Can you try to take a screenshot of the site
Select audio and video sources when the cam selector dropdown menu is open and email it to so that i can see a list of all available devices on your system? It seems to me that there is something wrong with the cam IDs and labels.

i can show you live if you want in discord LateNightGroove
but i sent you three pictures per mail.
thank you for taking so much time for my issue <3