Ways to implement BitChute to Watch2Gether

Hey there,

This is an idea, I’m not really a professional on HTML5 or anything, but I’ve noticed you guys use embedding from those websites like YT, Vimeo, etc, to get the videos to play on a w2g room.

Thought they don’t have an embedding API, they do have the link to their raw .mp4 file on their source code, and it’s not hard to find at all and I think there’s a way to implement a player that will take that .mp4 and play on a w2g room or something for a given BitChute link through that or something. I think that might help!

I would love to see BitChute working on w2g, would be really cool since this is, in my opinion, one of the best websites to watch videos together, amazing website! I will be studying and trying to implement ways to do that to see if I can help somehow, and letting this topic to be updated if allowed.