Watching videos in 50 or 60 fps

I would love to have the ability to watch videos in their original framerate. It seems like videos with 50 or 60 fps are downscaled to 30 fps. That’s why its getting very laggy.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Watch2Gether relies on the interfaces of the video platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, …) to display their content in the synced player. As far as i know Youtube’s player is automatically selecting 60fps when the source material and the browser support it. Did you have other experiences?

Yes i had other experiences watching 60fps youtube videos with chrome. As i mentioned it feels like it’s getting downscaled to 30fps. Maybe there are some difficulties with w2g and chrome?

The Youtube player that you see on Watch2Gether is provided by Youtube as well. Therefore there are only limited ways of changing that player. Can you provide a link to an example video that plays better on Youtube directly than on Watch2Gether?

I just noticed that it has to be an issiue with chrome and youtube. watching 60 fps videos with using opera works perfectly for me. i can provice you a video so that you can see what I mean:
recorded with OBS
left: chrome
right: opera

the chrome version is a bit laggy.

I just sloved the problem. In the system settings of chrome i just checked “use hardware acceleration”. Now everything works again.

Cool, thanks for figuring that out!