Watch2Together does not work with Safari 13.1.2

Hi -
I believe I am on the latest version of Safari and my camera is not working (I saw in a previous thread that the camera should work in Safari versions 11 and upward). Is there any way you can help?

Hi, do you get any kind of error message? Please visit this site with Safari and let me know if it reports any errors:

Yes - I get an error message telling me to check permissions, camera is not activated.

Please make sure the cam permissions for Watch2Gether are set to “allow”. See here

Yes - that’s what’s so confusing. It’s set to Allow.

Here are the results of the test link you sent.
The test results were: Camera -
Check resolution 320x240
Check resolution 640x480 (FAILED) getUsreMedia failed with error. OverconstrainedError
Check resolution 1280x720 (FAILED) getUsreMedia failed with error. OverconstrainedError

Check supported resoltions
(INFO) 160x120 not supported

All the way up to 4096x2160 not supported.

I’ll just Chrome and tell members of my watch party to do the same (or Firefox).

Yes this sounds like an issue with Safari and your camera. Which Mac and which OS version are you using?