Watch2gether stop suggested video (3D animated shorts) autoplay

After releasing that a +PLUS account was needed to do this, I paid for a subscription. I can see my avatar and my account having the plus subscription.
After ticking the option to turn off suggested videos, those same (3D animated videos) STILL play at the start.
I tested something by creating a new room with my new account, but it did NOT worked.

I would like to know if there is a way to fix this, the suggested videos autoplay is quite annoying and it has not been prevented despite me subscribing to a +PLUS account.

thank you for your attention.

Thanks for you input. The initial video is used to initialize the player. When you have a +PLUS account the rooms you own will use this video only on the first load or if no other video can be found in the history. So your users will most likely never see this video.