Watch2Gether room closes after a few hours

I’ve had this issue where several people are listening to a playlist in a watch2gether room that we made, and it will just disconnect us from the room. This is when we’ve only had the room made a few hours before. This has happened at least 5 times, and is getting very tiring. Please fix whatever is making this happen.

I assume that this was a temporary room that you did not save? These room will be deleted after 24hours. Are you shure this happend under 24 hours after creating the room? When you have a registered Watch2Gether account (free) you can create and save rooms and make them persistent.

Like I said, these are rooms that I’ve made a few hours before. I’ve been using watch2gether for over a year and this has only started happening in the past month. I’ve used the rooms on my account and those are fine but the temporary rooms that definitely weren’t up for 24 hours kick us out way too soon.

Thanks for getting back to me on this. I just checked the cleanup scripts and they all look fine and only delete rooms which are older than 24 hours. I also checked a test account and the temp rooms of this account were deleted after 24 hours. Do you still have a link of a room that has been deleted too early?

Yes… you can also contact me by email: