Watch2gether plus not working?

Hello. I signed up around 24 hours ago for my free plus trial and it says on my account i have plus but i cannot use any of the plus features. Cannot change my Text color or put gifs in chat or do anything + related…

I got the email and stuff. It is my first time as + member. Used my valid CC. Am i missing something here? Every time i try to use any feature with the Blue + I get a pop up on chrome that says “”“This is a Watch2Gether +PLUS feature. Would you like to learn more and try +PLUS for free?”"" I click on it and It says i am already signed up.

So basically i got plus but nothing works. :frowning:

That sounds like something went wrong during the upgrade of your account. Did you try to logout and login again? I will run an in-depth test of your account as well and get back to you…

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Ok thanks.

And, Yup, tried loggin in and out on both Edge and Chrome. Still not workin though. :cold_sweat:

As to not start an additional thread for the same problem, I’m also experiencing this too.

Im sorry, there was indeed a technical problem. I fixed it and now all plus features should be available again.

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Yay! It works now!

Thank you very much! I got colored chat now :wink: