Watch2Gether not loading

So When I try to create a room it just loads endless. I’ve waited for 30 minutes at times and still doesn’t load. What should i do?

Im sorry, there was a problem on our side. Everything should be working now…

im having a simaler problem i tried to turn the webcam and now all my rooms wont pay videos they are stuck on a never ending loading screen its been a couple hours and it still wont work

Thanks for your feedback. Which browser are you using?

This issue should be fixed now. Please have look. (Please empty your cache before trying.)

hey i have the same problem with the never endling loading screen i dont know what to do and i deleted the cache already

Do you still have this problem? If yes, which browser are you using and where are you located?

Yes i use firefox and im in germany but my friends dont have the problem

Thank you… Do you use a registered Watch2Gether account?

yes id do and i tried with logout too

my stuff wont load i tried deleting cookies and checking if the site was blocked and nothing

Thanks for the info. Which version of Firefox are you using on which operating system?

I’m also having this problem, I have tried clearing cache and also resetting settings on my browser. I am using Google Chrome on version 57.0.2987.110, would be nice if you can get back to me, thank you

Your chrome version is well tested and should work without any problem.

Does the problem also occur when you use a chrome incognito window?

Can you try to disable your installed extensions one by one and check if that helps?

For everyone having this issue. Can you run this test and provide the result:

I just rolled out a fix that might help in this case. Can you delete your browser cache and try again? Please let me know if Watch2Gether works for you now. - Thanks!

how to fix online in room

Hi… im not sure what you mean. Can you provide more information about your problem?