Watch2Gether Music Video Roulette - A Fun Social Game for Music Lovers

Here is my idea:

Concept: Watch2gether Music Video Roulette is an interactive part of Watch2gether where users can discover and share their favorite music videos with others in a fun and engaging way. Combining the excitement of chat roulette with the power of YouTube, this platform brings people together for a unique music experience.


User-friendly Watch2gether interface: Upon visiting the site, users can quickly join the “Music Video Roulette” game by entering their name and clicking the “Join” button, as easy as Watch2gether works now.

Randomized room allocation: Once users join, they are placed in a room with up up to six other players, ensuring a fresh experience with new people each time they visit the site, or you can also choose to play with friends.

YouTube integration: The YouTube panel is prominently displayed in the center of the screen as it is now on Watch2gether, where one user at a time can select and play music videos for the group.

Turn-based selection: Users take turns choosing a music video, with a bright green box around their webcam indicating it’s their turn to select. They have 30 seconds to make a choice before it skips to the next person.

Countdown timer: After a user selects a music video, a three-minute countdown timer starts. Other users can then vote to either keep the video playing (thumbs up) or skip to the next user (thumbs down). The music video selector can see what the other users have chose and friendly banter ensues, or you may discover songs you’ve never heard of and chat!

Voting mechanics: If a video receives a thumbs down, the countdown timer decreases by one minute. If all users thumbs down, the video and the user are skipped immediately. If all users thumbs up, the video plays for the full duration. The user gets 1 point (10 points wins the game) Users can choose to replay or join another room when the game is over.

“Vote to kick” option: Users can initiate a “vote to kick” for any player they find inappropriate. If a user receives four or more votes, they are removed from the room.

Objective: Music Video Roulette aims to provide a fun and interactive platform for users to connect with others, explore new music, and share their favorite tracks. The unique combination of chat roulette and YouTube integration sets it apart from other social platforms, offering an engaging experience for music lovers.

I came up with this idea because during the pandemic. I used to play this game on the app Bigscreen in VR with random people and it was a hit. Everyone would sort of just follow the rules natually luckily, but it seems like you guys at Watch2gether already have all the framework in place to make it happen as an actual game. I hope you like this idea.