Watch2Gether Green bar & more not working

I’m currently using the opera gx browser, but my green bar is missing, and the share room option in the top right has vanished. My other friend also uses the opera gx browser, but his works fine. What could I possibly do to fix this?

I fixed the invite problem, but the green bar problem persists and has been bothering me for quite some time.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. This is a known issue with Opera GX. Are you running the latest version of the browser?

yes i’m using the latest version

Okay, i will run another test with GX. I was hoping that opera would fix this issue with the latest version. Everything should work fine with the regular opera version or any other browser.

yea everything i’m sure it works on the other websites but i’ll just wait until there’s a fix

Please make sure to update the extension to version 8.5 - the issue should be fixed now!

Thank you so much it’s fixed~!

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