Watch2Gether Bug Reporting

This is where I will be reporting a Majority Of the bugs under our room’s Request, I will be the one reporting which are bugs and how they work. Read this so I can provide more concrete evidence of how the bugs work

Hi! You mean when you have seen the “Please Slow Down” message once. You can not move the volume sliders of the cam videos anymore? Or you can’t see the volume sliders anymore?

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ya I think the problem is gone now but theres a Wierd bug that shows the room like your on it but when you refresh more people are in, Also Youtube is bugged now

from now on when I hear of a bug that needs to be fixed I will report it here

Another Bug: Microphone will not turn on unless waiting a min or so, Cams work Sometimes, May have something to do with how the way the room is connected (IP-based) or Browser Based (Kinda IE-Related) no matter what browser you use. One cam works on a different computer though if you try that.

One Request: Can you scale down the all the volume bars back to the way they were? It helps to see how much volume you have in a smaller space

Youtube Has Been Fixed

i can’t change resolution on youtube videos help me